MOTORFEST 2016: generations in comparison. The new season and leadership.

MOTORFEST 2016: generations in comparison. The new season and leadership.

New season, new beginning: we are already very excited!
The reason can be summed up in one word: Motorfest, our traditional event that this year brought a wave of optimism and news for the entire project.
The afternoon of Friday 21 October, in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Engineering of Viale del Risorgimento, saw the presence of students, supporters, journalists and onlookers who were able to interact with the personalities of the academic world, the team and the sponsors who gravitate around UniBo Motorsport.
The first greeting was that of the Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Professor Peretto, who said he was very satisfied with the great participation and interest that those present and the team place towards the project, and stressed how to engage in contexts like this. is preparatory to entering the world of work.
The whole event was moderated by Luca Marogna, Chief Technical Officer of last season, who remarked that UniBo Motorsport has a passion for racing in its genome.

With the figure of Giovanni Zini, outgoing Team Leader, we moved on to the actual account of the activities of the past year, emphasizing how the car, although still unripe in reliability, has enormous potential, as evidenced by the assignment of the Engine Calibration and Control Award, by Teoresi Group on the occasion of Formula SAE Italy and the Digital Future Award, delivered directly by Audi in the Formula Student Hungary.
A significant moment of sharing was that of the interventions of the former historical members of the Team such as Stefano Patassa (Head of the Electronics Department in 2014) and Alberto Lusetti (Team Leader in 2012), who emphasized the importance of being part of the Team during the university course to achieve satisfaction in the workplace, positioning itself in important realities of the Automotive world.
An important contribution also came from two of our “historic” supporters: Cima Ingranaggi and Magneti Marelli. The first, represented by the Engineer Sasdelli, spoke of the importance of the project in terms of work, signaling how in his company three former UniBo Motorsport members had the opportunity to join Cima Ingranaggi and how these elements are today for the company valid members and did not rule out that in the near future others may not have such an opportunity, also because the Alma Mater knows how to offer its students a solid preparation.
With Magneti Marelli’s Engineer Bianchi, instead, it was possible to give space, not without a touch of emotion, to a nice event, which took place during the absolute “first meeting” with the team, which immediately showed the industriousness and determination of the boys involved, which has remained unchanged over the years, despite the almost annual turnover of team members.

In this frame a real change of place was celebrated, both physical and metaphorical, between the outgoing and the current managers: Giovanni Zini was replaced as Team Leader for the 2017 season by Edoardo Galletti who, taking up his predecessor’s speech, has set as a goal the knowledge, up to the smallest detail, of our prototype and specific understanding to obtain the best possible performance so as to improve performance and increase competitiveness. All this will be achievable by returning to the track to test the car as quickly as possible.
Finally Prof. Nicolò Cavina, Faculty Advisor of the project, closed the circle recalling how much commitment and dedication is used every year by the various students who take part, but also how enthusiasm and fun are equally important aspects, even in the professional world .
A very welcome off-program was the short speech given by Prof. Mesini, President of the School of Engineering and Architecture, who reiterated the University’s support for the project and the valid words of Ing. Galletti di Pagani towards us boys.
The 2016 Motorfest was also an opportunity to admire the MW4-15 which, with the necessary additions and modifications, will once again compete in three Championship competitions: Formula Student UK (Silverstone), Formula Student Spain (Montmelò) and one third choice between Formula Student Czech Republic and Formula Student East.

The propensity for the future that we have always tried to demonstrate has allowed, in synergy with the company Mark One, to have a 3D printer for this season, with which it was possible, first of all, to make original gadgets delivered at the end of the event to the guests present.
Thanks also to Carpigiani and his stick ice cream, which allowed us to close the afternoon with some sugar.
It was a preparatory afternoon that filled us with a desire to work to improve ourselves and to honor once again the solid reality represented by UniBo Motorsport.
It was also a moment that allowed us to thank all those companies, industrial and academic, who believe in our project and that from year to year allow development, as well as the achievement of uncommon goals.

Federico Aviano

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