Our electrical motorcycle is competing two world competitions: MotoStudent and Moto Engineering Italy. They are the two most popular moto competition between university students and a big chance for sponsors to get visibility. The goal of these races is to ensure that students apply the knowledge acquired during their studies to concretely realize a prototype of racing motorbike. A multidisciplinary background is the key element of the project. That’s because the jury considers the work both from the industrial point of view and from the sporting one, evaluating in the same way design, cost, innovation and performance of the motorbike.

MotoStudent Competition, promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark Motorland, challenges university racing teams from all over the world. The main event has a biennial recurrence. Our team has debuted in the Electric category of the 5th edition, and won in the 6th and last edition of the MotoStudent (18 July 2021).

Moto Engineering Italy
is organized by MES (Motorsport Engineering Society), born from the dream of bringing innovation and technology in the motorcycle field. Their goal is to lead university researches on the most pending requests made by the leader companies of the sector, testing on the field the knowledge acquired during the development of the motorcycle. This race is the newest opportunity to compete with others teams and show the world our expertise. We proved in the latest competitions our efficiency and skills in this ambit and we are now ready to demonstrate it again for the future. It’s a pleasure for us to rival on these circuits against others teams, in this huge organization with big sponsors.