Formula SAE is a competition between university students, established in 1981 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) with the aim of giving students the chance to confront each other and to put in practice knowledge acquired during the academic years. Each University team designs, builds and tests a prototype formula-style car, which must be subject to a precise regulation. The competition rewards not the team with the fastest car, but the one with the best combination of performance, economy, producibility and saleability. The key to success, therefore, lies in efficient teamwork, based on the cohesion between each team member and the exchange of information and knowledge, in order to optimize all the development phases of the project. This championship represents a great opportunity to learn how to manage the impact with the real industrial world, taking into account also the economic aspects in the realization of the project.

Tests are divided into two groups:

Static events (3): Cost and Manufacturing – Business Plan Presentation – Engineering Design

Dynamic tests (5): Acceleration – Skid Pad – Autocross – Endurance – Efficiency

Each of these test allows to get a different score.

Over the past 15 years, Formula SAE has expanded to almost all continents, involving numerous sponsors and giving teams from all over the world the chance to compete on the most prestigious world circuits.

Foto team audace lc in pista