Unibo Motorsport conquers both heats of the Virtual Formula!

Unibo Motorsport conquers both heats of the Virtual Formula!

20 May 2021

In the second phase of the Virtual Formula competition, organized by VI-Grade, the team of the University of Bologna, winning in the Electric category and obtaining a third place in the Combustion category, thus confirms the results achieved in the first part

The second and final phase of the VI-Grade Virtual Formula competition finally took place. While in the first the teams had to develop and optimize the prototypes driven by a virtual driver in offline mode, in the second heat the race took place online, with the vehicles were driven by a team member through a real simulator. In addition to the joy for the first place of the Electric project and for the third of the Combustion, there is an extraordinary pride in seeing the positions of the offline phase confirmed, demonstrating the continuity of the work done by the team and above all that the efforts made have proved fruitful in both situations proposed by the competition.

UniBo Motorsport, first among the European teams in both groups, had worthy opponents with whom to play the podium positions: in the Combustion category, the teams of the Chinese universities of Jilin and Tongji occupied respectively the first and second position of the contest, while for the participants in the Electric there is to emphasize the second place occupied by the PoliTo Racing Team (Politecnico di Torino),  demonstrating how the reality of the Italian student teams represents something concrete also at a global level, followed by the third place always occupied by the University of Jilin.

These results are not only a demonstration that the path taken is the right one, but also represent a gratification for the work done and notify an important growth also for the entire team.


Federico Aviano

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