New year, new partnerships

New year, new partnerships

UniBo Motorsport will be opening a new season with a new partner’s support, partner who is willing to help the project despite the challenges.

The students of the Alma Mater’s Team are preparing themselves to achieve the best results for upcoming competitions. The team is pleased to announce a new collaboration with a prestigious company, EDAG.

EDAG is an international company founded in 1969. Nowadays it includes 8000 workers located in 60 different branches around the world. It leads the mobility sector focusing on Automotive. It is able to fully develop a vehicle from the concept to the prototype’s production. Furthermore it dedicates a part of its revenues to research and development activities aimed at proposing innovative solutions to the mobility sector ranging from the integration of autonomous vehicles and smart cities to the study of sustainable materials for the production of motor vehicles.

In Italy EDAG has 115 employees distributed in 3 offices and it is made up of a group of experts in the fields of electronics, style research and engineering, which develops solutions for the integration and optimization of vehicles, derivatives and components. EDAG’s core values are inter-disciplinarity and the inclination to innovation. These are essential to offer the best customer care and to develop the essential skills in the field, such as e-mobility, digitalization and security.

This collaboration will allow Unibo Motorsport to push beyond its limits, aiming to achieve ambitious results and to enrich the team members’ skills. As a team we hope to repay the support with satisfaction and pride.


Federico Aviano

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