Approaching the beginning of a new season, UniBo Motorsport is proud to announce a new partnership, essential to reach all the goals set for 2022.

Races are around the corner and the Team from Alma Mater is ready to invest all its energies to equal or overcome the significant results reached during the last season. Certainly, is going to be the support provided by our partners, with a new entry in the list: LEANE International, notable for over 40 years of experience and highly specialized engineering expertise.

The company, with headquarters in Parma, has been focusing on supplying sensors and electronic instrumentation for industries and research since 1979. Over the years, LEANE’s field of expertise has extended to other sectors, with the company now offering complete solutions in the field of data acquisition systems and electronics. The company is committed to providing the best instrumentation and sensor solutions mainly in the industrial, automotive, electrotechnical and avionics sectors.

UniBo Motorsport Team is firmly convinced that this collaboration will bring great innovation, as well as a great support in terms of trust, allowing the Team to grow and improve in many aspects.

To reinforce the new partnership, the UBM Team has been invited to take part at the A&T exhibition in Turin, from the 6th to the 8th of April. The Minerva GN electric motorcycle, winner of the Motostudent 2021 world championship, will be exhibited at LEANE’s stand.

The Team’s aim is to achieve important goals and satisfactions to repay the support provided by this ,important collaboration.



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