People Design, where smart ideas become great products

People Design, where smart ideas become great products

People Design Unibo Motorsport

“As a local reality, it is our duty to support the UniBo Motorsport project to help our students achieve their passions” the People Design HR Specialist representative, Dr. Leandro Borello, spoke at Motorfest 2017. The collaboration with the Modenese company it is, in fact, one of the novelties for the 2018 season, a sign of a reputational growth that pushes more and more companies to invest in our project.
People Design is a mechanical design and engineering consultancy company active in the Automotive and Machinery sectors. It provides high quality outsourcing services and supports companies in the development of new engineering projects.

The company was born in Modena in February 2008 from the idea of ​​3 former colleagues and friends eager to devise a way to provide services in a more flexible and dynamic way. Today People Design has about 200 people and is an established company throughout Northern Italy.
People Design’s mission is to help its customers develop winning products more effectively and efficiently: “We are proactive in the face of every new design challenge, always looking for innovative engineering solutions”.
And that of UniBo Motorsport is a challenge that students first and foremost launch to themselves and then to the external environment, to the risk-sensitive business realities and the world of work that awaits them in the future.
In concrete terms, People Design will contribute to the steering wheel cover, the seat and the supports for the front and external wings of our car.

​​The company proves to be an excellent humus for those who want to constantly test themselves to face new challenges: for this reason, continuous training and professional growth paths have been designed to integrate the improvement of general skills with the development of specific technical skills. Not only that: People Design also boasts a “People Lab“, the permanent on-the-job training laboratory in which young graduate engineers are trained to improve their knowledge and skills.
The intent of the company is to provide training and salary simultaneously, aware that the baggage of knowledge of recent graduates will then have to be applied precisely in corporate projects.

A perfect partner for our project, made up of students who could be tomorrow’s employees. The almost natural union between People Design and UniBo Motorsport is also evident from the company’s motto: “Smart ideas become great products”.
Thanks to the different partners, our ideas can materialize and our dreams can come true. We are therefore proud to be able to boast a similar collaboration between our partners, confident that we can do great things together.

Federico Aviano

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