SAMP, Beyond Precision

The SAMP Group is a solid reality of mechanical engineering, with its four companies: Sampsistemi, Sampingranaggi, Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili Cutting Tools is a market leader in the production of cable and wire machines, production of gears and special reducers, gear cutting tools and gear grinding and shaving machine tools.
The SAMP Group is also part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group which has been operating for over a century in the world of industrial production in different business sectors ranging from mechanical and civil engineering to the tobacco and energy industry to construction and real estate.
Its birth takes place in 1936, by Gaetano Maccaferri with a small workshop for the production of wire drawing machines for the production of wires, to which he gave the name S.A.M.P. an acronym for Precision Machines Anonymous Company. Due to the difficulty in finding quality gears on the market, he decided to produce them himself.
During the Second World War, the company supplied the Italian Air Force with high precision gears and the request was such as to push SAMP to also produce high quality gear cutting tools and, subsequently, to develop machinery for grinding and control tools, gear manufacturing equipment.
Having a wide range of quality tools, SAMP decided to create Samputensili in 1949 to market these products with an ad hoc structure and brand.
Since 1936 the SAMP S.p.A. group showed a particular attention to innovation, offering innovative and cutting-edge engineering solutions for the metalworking industry.
During its journey, the company has diversified its offer exponentially: in 1973 Sampingranaggi was born and in 1997 what was the first real business of the group or the production of machines for the production of wires and cables is structured in a company ad hoc called Sampsistemi.

Since its inception, SAMP SpA has maintained the values ​​that have always distinguished it: speed, flexibility, precision, efficiency, reliability and sustainability, offering precise services and optimizing the performance of finished products while developing new solutions in a sustainable way and profitable.
The SAMP Group, always attentive to the potential of young university students, believed in our project, with which it has been collaborating since 2018, through a multi-year sponsorship contract, providing its financial contribution.
Attention to detail is a fundamental prerogative for the company, which has made precision its motto.
We are proud to be able to count among our sponsors a company like SAMP that supports and encourages young students who get involved by taking part in our project.