AlmaOrienta: an opportunity to get to know each other

AlmaOrienta: an opportunity to get to know each other

​AlmaOrienta is the event with which the university is open to future students, showing all its Departments, Schools and numerous excellences.
In a frame like this certainly could not miss our delegation, present with representatives of all four departments (electronics, powertrain, vehicle and marketing), managers and, inevitable, the car that competed last season.
In the two days of orientation, held this year on 1 and 2 March at BolognaFiere, we were literally overwhelmed by the curiosity of the students of the Technical Institutes and High Schools, who did not spare questions about how to access the Team, the internal organization, the car, the potential of the project and even the materials we have available in our workshop.

Very pleasant and stimulating visit was that of the Professor Elena Trombini who could not resist trying the thrill of getting into our car.
Sure we have shown the best for which we commit ourselves every day, we are hopeful for the future.

Federico Aviano

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