Formula SAE Italy: the first event of 2016 season

Formula SAE Italy: the first event of 2016 season

​In four days, the UniBo Motorsport Team faced the first competition of the 2016 season, at the Riccardo Paletti racetrack in Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) from Friday 22 July to Monday 25 July.
The event saw the presence of 76 teams of students from 3 different continents, with as many single-seater cars divided into the categories Combustion (internal combustion engines) and Electric (electric engines). The competition, organized by the Technical Automobile Association (ATA) with the partnership of FCA Group and Dallara Automobili as main sponsors, began on Friday 22 July, with the technical inspection carried out by the Formula SAE employees (single-seaters built by the students of international universities).
This consisted of a series of controls – tech, tilt, noise, brake – concerning various aspects of the car, such as the noise test, the control tests on the car’s liquid loss and those to exit the pilot’s cockpit in case of rollover and brake test. All tests in which the positive outcome was fundamental to access the dynamic tests, as well as for the final score.
The inspection is followed, already from the first day, by the Business Presentation, a static test that requires each team to present their original and solid business idea.
UniBo Motorsport classified at the 4th place among the 39 participating teams in the Combustion category.
The second day of the competition focused on the other two static tests scheduled (Cost Report and Design Event) in which the total cost of the car and the engineering innovations made on it were evaluated respectively.
The following days saw UniBo Motorsport involved in various dynamic tests such as Skip Pad, Acceleration, Autocross, Endurance and Efficiency.
In this case the car was evaluated on the journey time of different trajectories; specifically, the car’s handling in cornering, acceleration, durability and fuel efficiency. Endurance also includes a driver change in the middle of the test.
In the most important challenge of dynamic tests, the car proved to have excellent potential, allowing riders to make excellent lap times. A technical problem, unfortunately forced the team to stop at the 21st of the 28 laps scheduled for the test. Despite the final withdrawal, UniBo Motorsport took 16th place overall, a placement that demonstrates the car’s potential and the Team’s capabilities.
The Italian stage ended with an important milestone for UniBo Motorsport: the victory of the “Engine Calibration and Control Award” for technological innovation on calibration and the engine control system. The award, given by the Teoresi Group, represents a great result for the Team, a precious piece aimed at confirming the technical level and the know-how possessed.
The possibility of taking part in three different stages of the Formula SAE Championship already represents an important result for the UniBo Motorsport, which is preparing to start again from the knowledge and experience accumulated in this race, to achieve important results at the second stage, in the Czech Republic.
The support of the many sponsoring companies that for years have believed in the project, has been decisive in achieving the goals.


Federico Aviano

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