UniBoMotorsport: always present!

UniBoMotorsport: always present!

Less than four months are missing now before the UBM 17 Felsinea, this is the name of our last creation, takes to the track in the circuit of Varano de ’Melegari (19 – 23 July), the first appointment of the season. Formula Student Germany (Hockenheim, 8 – 13 August) and Formula Student Spain (Montmeló, 23-27 August) will be the other contexts in which the Team will be put to the test. Four intense months, full of commitments to better prepare.

All the departments, having passed the first phase of planning, are dedicating themselves to the practical realization of the components and to the technical development.
Starting from the Vehicle that began the making of the nose at our Forlì division and the production of the new conformation of the lattice.
In addition, significant progress was made regarding the aerodynamics of the vehicle, the result of the experience gained by the Team in the past season, the first with a complete aerodynamic package.
There are also many advances in the Engine Department, such as the studies that are being carried out for the transition from dry sump to wet sump and the calibration activity at the Faculty test room to test the new components, including suction.
As far as the Electronics Department is concerned, the most important work being carried out in this period is the porting of the existing control unit software to the new unit (Open ECU) which will be mounted this season.

In short, the work in the Via Edoardo Collamarini workshop continues unabated. All this, however, without neglecting another goal that is very dear to us: to make our project known and carried around Italy.

Federico Aviano

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