Unibo Motorsport Wins in Barcelona

Unibo Motorsport Wins in Barcelona

Formula Student Spain was the last race of the season for the University of Bologna single-seaters’ team – in particular the third for the combustion car, Integrale 636. The racing team put on a show and brought home the long-awaited and coveted first place in the competition, in the combustion vehicle category. The event, which took place from 29th August to 4th September, saw the triumph of the Italian team who, demonstrating preparation in both static tests and speed on track, managed to bring home an incredible success. 

The event began with the usual technical inspections and tests the vehicle must pass to prove itself fit and safe to hit the track. After having brilliantly passed both the technical inspections and the tilt, noise and brake tests, Integrale 636 was prepared by the team to face the dynamic ones. In the meantime, the static events were also tackled: the Business Plan Presentation in which the team achieved fourth place overall, the Design Event with a fifth place, and finally the Cost and Manufacturing Event in which second place was achieved. Significant points for the team which then allowed them to race for the final victory. 

Confirmation of Integrale 636’s good design was also seen on the track. Immediately competitive since the first dynamic tests, the car allowed the drivers to conquer the first place in the Skidpad event, while the Acceleration ended with a third place. In the other two dynamic tests, its excellent results were amply reconfirmed. In the Autocross, a session in which the prototypes try to set their best times for the starting order in the Endurance, Integrale 636 was immediately extremely fast, taking second place and then reaffirming its strength the following day in the last event of the competition. In the Endurance race, a demanding test for student-built prototypes, the Lamborghini Squadra Corse sponsored vehicle demonstrated a high level of reliability achieving first place in both Endurance and Efficiency. 

Aware of their astounding achievements during the Spanish week, the students of the Alma Mater went to the final awards ceremony with the hope of hearing their names shouted. And so it was. UniBo Motorsport triumphed at Parcmotor Castellolì in Barcelona, bringing prestige to the name of the University of Bologna and all the Partners who supported and flanked the Team, even in its difficult moments. It is a satisfaction that comes from a far and repays all the efforts made during the season to achieve results long overdue. In fact, it is the first victory in a European Formula SAE competition for the team. The students proved themselves capable of teamworking, never giving up, and these are the values that led the entire team to become champions in the Spanish round of Formula Student. 

Anastasia D'Apice

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