Marchesini Group: an example of sustainable and responsible business

Since 1974, the year of its foundation, the Italian company Marchesini Group has pursued its business model based on sustainability and social and economic responsibility.
Today the group is one of the four world leaders in the pharmaceutical packaging sector and, thanks to the attention shown to the needs of the stakeholders, it continues to create value and encourage the development of the territories in which it operates.
By placing the customer at the center, Marchesini Group works to create and apply cutting-edge technological solutions that allow us to offer the best machines available on the market, offering high-performance and sustainable products.
Marchesini Group designs and manufactures a wide range of machines and packaging lines for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Great attention is paid to the robotics sector, whose instruments are designed exclusively by the company’s Research and Development department and programmed in such a way as to be able to manage many different products, allowing considerable flexibility, high speed and effective precision changes.
Precisely the attention paid to technological innovations and research has led Marchesini to embrace the philosophy of our project, which for ten years has offered the opportunity to experience a concrete variation in the professional field of the knowledge learned during the academic journey through design and implementation. of prototypes taking part in the Motostudent and Formula Student championships.
For us at UniBo Motorsport it is an honor to boast among our partners a company that was born in Italy and, thanks to continuous investments in research and innovation, has managed to be present in over 68 countries through 35 representative agencies and 13 foreign companies, giving the company’s mission a global dimension and configuring itself as a reference point for the entire sector.